The new projectors will fully adapt to your needs


No limitations

Our consumer demands have changed and we want our devices to be as flexible as possible to support us on any occasion. This is why the new projectors will not be limited to only one fixed location any longer. The pocket projectors are mobile anyway. So you can take them with you easily. There is another category, the Ultra Short Throw projectors which means they are placed very close to a wall projecting a much larger image. These projectors are bigger than the pocket projectors but nevertheless designed to be taken to different room, a balcony or to another premises.


Variable screen size

Another advantage of not being fixed is the fact that you can vary your screen size as desired. With the Ultra Short Throw projectors you can have a screen size of 50” with a distance to the wall of just 10 cm. by increasing the distance to 44 cm you can even have 100”. This makes the projector suitable even for small rooms avoiding any issues with someone being caught in the light beam. With various common connections like MHL, HDMI, USB and WiFi you can connect all your devices to get your image on the big screen. Some projectors offer Internet connectivity and can access your home network to stream your content from your media drive. Just visit our website and find your projector.

Find your Projector

Find the right projector for you ! Just state how you want to use your projector and what you are expecting and see which one would be the right choice for you expect from your projector