An easy way to share your content with friends

Small and lightweight enough to be always in your pocket it will easily connect to your Smartphone or other devices to show your content on a big screen

Impresses in the meeting room

Impresses with excellent image quality, officeviewer and great sound for multimedia presentations you never experienced before

Share presentations on the go

Wherever your meeting takes place the pocket projector is always ready to project an excellent image, up to 120" in size, with flexible HDMI connectivity.

Always with you

Ready for sharing - within seconds you can share your content on the big screen (up to 150"). PicoPix includes intergrated audio and maximun flexibility thanks to multiple connectivity and embedded battery power.

Share YouTube videos with friends

Even in small rooms you can project up to 100" image - when you want it. No screen at all once the video is over and flexible enough to be taken to any room you want.

Share your smartphone screen

Wireless screen mirroring for sharing your smartphone content on the big screen. Pocket sized and embedded battery, it' s as portable as your smartphone.

Enlarge your smartphone screen

The easiest way to enlarge your smartphone screen to whatever size you need with the wireless screen mirroring function. Sound and battery embedded for maximum flexibility.

Find your Projector

Find the right projector for you ! Just state how you want to use your projector and what you are expecting and see which one would be the right choice for you expect from your projector