Fits perfectly into your home

Stylish designed projectors will show your content whenever you want and disappear discreetly when not in use, becoming invisible. You'll never see a big black box on the wall.

Family movie night at your call

Enjoy that cinema feeling at home whenever you want. This stylish projector is placed right up close to the wall almost without any distance to project an 100" screen. No mounting, no setup and no one blocking the image!

Immersive sport event experience

You need a big screen for big sport events but you don't want a big black screen when it is over? The stylish LED projector offers you an 100" screen with integrated Dolby Digital 2.1 sound when needed and disappears discreetly after the match.

Pop-up cinema for kids

A big black blank TV screen is not what you want to see in your kid's room - but a great cartoon or movie is. Big when on, then gone when off. The stylish small box can be easily stored away when it's over.

Great gaming experience

Even in small rooms you can project up to 100" image - when you want it. No screen at all once the game is over and flexible enough to be taken to any room you want

Fits perfectly into your meeting room

Projectors need to be functional and support your business but they do not need to look old-fashioned. The Screeneo is modern, stylish and discreet.

Invisible when off and impressive when on

The most flexible screen for your home. Place it very close to a smooth wall and watch movies or sport events. Turn it off and you see nothing but a stylish small box. No huge black screen. Great, isn't it?

Find your Projector

Find the right projector for you ! Just state how you want to use your projector and what you are expecting and see which one would be the right choice for you expect from your projector